April 21, 2018

Custom Nerf Sniper

Custom nerf sniper. Capable of shooting extremely far. Best nerf gun I have ever seen. source
April 20, 2018

Nerf Barricade RV-10 custom painted

This is my first time painted nerf gun by using an spray paint of two can make distressed metal look and using CITADEL paint to give […]
April 20, 2018

Custom nerf guns

April 20, 2018

{COMMISSION} Nerf Stryfe “The Killstealer”

This is a lightly modified and painted Nerf Stryfe with a purple and purple paint job. The modifications include removal of old wiring and replacement with […]
April 19, 2018

Custom stickers for custom nerf gun

Thanks to Donovan if you want some sweet custom stickers or even posters check out my pall. http://www.imagengraphixinc.com/ source
April 19, 2018

NERF Hammershot paint job

Just a quick photo video to show the paint job for my Nerf Hammershot. source