September 6, 2017

BM NERF #12. Custom shotgun Roughcut 2×4

A commission of a shotgun style Nerf Roughcut with a stock integration, air restrictor removed for single fire power to compete against other single fire blasters. […]
September 5, 2017

DNB Showcase of custom painted Nerf Strongarms

Thanks for watching!!! Comment about however and whatever you feel but please be polite. So no, spam, racism, cyber-bullying, sexism, homophobia, swear … source
September 5, 2017

extreme custom Nerf Star Lord Real Dual Laser Element Gun / …

Custom made by Kei Kustoms – Guardian of the Galaxy element gun prop “LASER element test 3”! CHECK IT OUT: source
September 5, 2017

Modified and spray painted NERF strongarm

Hey guys! This is a video on my modded and painted strongarm. source
September 5, 2017

custom nerf longstrike cs-6

my nerf modified longstrike cs-6 its on ebay just type in …nerf gun modified Longstrike cs-6 with redlight scope …on ebay you will find it. source
September 4, 2017

How to spray-paint Nerf gun without taking it apart

So today i just wanted to catch up and show you how to make a spray painted Nerf gun Musicaly: @matthewpag Snapchat: Matthew Pag. source