October 5, 2018

Custom Nerf Style X-Shot Blaster | One Day Build

October 4, 2018

MOD GUIDE: Rey/Han Solo Nerf Blaster (Performance and Cosmet…

I finally got around to giving this blaster the internals it deserves, the Solo one is next! Buy Here: https://www.tinyurl.com/EbayDrac … source
October 4, 2018

Custom Nerf Gun Review (SteamPunk Laboratory) ll Cole Monte

SteamPunk Laboratory On Etsy Sorry No link. source
October 4, 2018

Ultimate NERF Car (Jeep Build)

As you know, we love Nerf and building custom supercharged nerf guns and nerf blasters. But today, we decided to take things to a new level. […]
October 4, 2018

NERF Custom Guns: Lightningfire CS-18

Filmed in 1080p Next Episode airs Monday (22.12.2014) Enjoy. source
October 3, 2018

2 Custom Radioactive Nerf Mavericks: Incredible

These two Maverick mods are awesome, read full writeup on my blog at: http://nerfgrid.blogspot.com I am Drac, the one and only nerf vampire. Subscribe for nerf […]