September 26, 2018

Nerf Sonic Ice Retaliator custom build [Part 1]

Time to actually build this thing! First up though, is a overview of everything going into the build. source
September 25, 2018

How To Mold and Cast Foam Props!

Effects artist Frank Ippolito shows you how to make simple silicone molds to cast and paint foam replicas of props like shop tools! We go over […]
September 25, 2018

Nerf Mod: Nerf Rival Kronos Modification Guide in 4K

Nerf Mod: Nerf Rival Kronos Modification Guide Nerf gun! Lord Drac creates Nerf gun mods and Nerf FPS test fire to show you how awesome they […]
September 25, 2018

Build A Boat Battle | Dude Perfect

Who will build the best boat and reach the other shore?! ▻ Click HERE to subscribe to Dude Perfect! ▻ Click HERE to watch our […]
September 25, 2018

Custom Nerf Mega Magnus

Here is my second custom Nerf blaster. A Jolt wasn’t a challenge enough so I decided to tackle a Mega Magnus. I hope you like it. […]
September 24, 2018

Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: LEGO Sisyphus Automata!

Here’s a first for Adam: a One Day Build of a custom LEGO set! After spotting Jason Allemann’s beautiful automata design, Adam sourced a complete kit […]